Important Update about classes, exams and the show rehearsal dance day!
There will be no classes during lockdown. We hope to reopen as normal from Thursday 3rd December onwards.
After speaking to the ISTD, Dawn has decided to go ahead with the Ballet Exams scheduled for Sunday 6th & 13th December, at the time given to you on your exam letter.
If the lockdown is extended, alternative exam dates will be found for the new year. If you no longer wish for your child to be entered for the exam in December, it is vital that you contact Dawn directly by Friday 13th November.
We are confident that the children know their syllabus work, and Dawn will be in the exam room with all children. Over the next week or so, we will be recording the exam dances and finding a way to send these to the children taking exams, allowing them to practise their dance at home.
With the hope of reopening on Thursday 3rd December, we encourage all those taking an exam to attend their normal class and/or an additional class at another venue at no extra cost. If you have any concerns, please contact Dawn directly!
Dance Day:
We hope that our Show Rehearsal Dance Day WILL go ahead as planned on Sunday 20th December. Please note this is for students who have recently received a letter to attend. However, we will be extending the hours and adjusting the times. We will keep you updated on this. We hope that we can dance together and celebrate Christmas in a fun but safe way – we all need it!!
We will also be scheduling another show rehearsal day for either January or February…updates to follow!
This update will be posted on our Facebook, Instagram and Web page…but please also spread the word as much as possible! Please also keep your eye open for future updates. We are working as hard and as quickly as possible under difficult circumstances.
Thank you,
Important Update: Classes, Exams, Show Rehearsal Day