A polite reminder as to when fees are due when we reopen:
Thursday 3rd December: Week 1 – Pay Day
Friday 4th December: Week 2
Saturday 5th December: Week 1 – Pay Day
Tuesday 8th Dec: Week 4
Exam Reminder:
The ISTD have strict safety rules about how the exams should currently operate. Pupils taking exams will need to arrive 30 mins before the start time, dressed in the regulation uniform with hair in a neat ballet bun, no make-up or jewellery.
We ideally ask that parents drop their child and wait in the car (Giselle will be in the waiting area with the children), but we understand that some children will want a parent to wait with them. If so, we ask just one parent per child, preferably wearing a mask. We may have to limit the number of parents waiting if there are too many. Most exams last 30 mins but please double check with Giselle on the day.
Dawn will be in the exam room with the children so if you have any issues on the day please speak to Giselle.
Payday and Exam Info