Following today’s announcement we will be reopening from Thursday 3rd December onwards. Classes will resume at the normal times for all pupils.
We ask those pupils that are taking Ballet exams on Sunday 6th and 13th December to attend as many extra classes as possible (there will be no extra charge for this!) – please see times below. Classes for pupils who are not taking exams will still be running as normal!!
Thursday (Burnham):
3.30pm – Primary / Standard 1
4.30pm – Standard 3
5.00pm – Standard 2 / Standard 4
5.45pm – Standard 6
Senior Certificate 1 will be slotted in as needed
Friday (Mundon):
3.40pm – Primary / Standard 1
4.10pm – Standard 2
5.00pm – Standard 3 / Standard 4
5.30pm – Standard 6
Senior Certificate 1 will be slotted in as needed
Saturday (Southminster):
9:00am – Primary / Standard 1
10.20am – Standard 2 / Standard 3
11.00am – Standard 6 / Senior Certificate 1
Please check that you have the regulation leotard (and skirt for those taking Primary), ballet tights and clean ballet shoes. If you need to order uniform, please contact Dawn directly ASAP!
Preparations for the show have carried on behind the scenes during lockdown! For the slightly older pupils who have been given a letter for the show rehearsal day – this will still be taking place as planned on Sunday 20th December. We are adjusting the times to ensure that we get the most from the day and will give out new letters at dancing! Another show rehearsal day in Jan/Feb will be confirmed soon.
We look forward to seeing you all again next week!
– Dawn
We Are Re-Opening…Again!