2021 Reopening

It’s time to point those feet and straighten those knees, we are planning for classes to resume as normal from;
Tuesday 13th April
Thursday 15th April
Friday 16th April
Saturday 17th April
*Please note that Friday senior classes will run from 6pm-7.30pm
We look forward to seeing you all again soon!


We have taken the careful decision to postpone the show which was rescheduled for August 2021. Whilst we are very appreciative that you will have held these dates in your diaries, we need to ensure that the show is financially viable to run. Whilst we hope that the guidelines will have eased significantly by summer, we do not have the certainty that is required to put on our very large shows! It is also just as important that preparations for the show are fun and relaxed for all of our students (hopefully without anymore interruptions!!)
We are excited to share that Dawn has secured our booking for the show next year:
Saturday 23rd April 2022
Sunday 24th April 2022
Saturday 30th April 2022
All deposits that have already been paid will be automatically transferred over to the new show dates.
We look forward to welcoming you back soon and getting preparations underway. The show must go on…and it will hopefully be one to remember 💗
Please contact Dawn directly with any questions:
01621 773753 / 07541 229828 / dawnedwin@tiscali.co.uk

Payday and Exam Info

A polite reminder as to when fees are due when we reopen:
Thursday 3rd December: Week 1 – Pay Day
Friday 4th December: Week 2
Saturday 5th December: Week 1 – Pay Day
Tuesday 8th Dec: Week 4
Exam Reminder:
The ISTD have strict safety rules about how the exams should currently operate. Pupils taking exams will need to arrive 30 mins before the start time, dressed in the regulation uniform with hair in a neat ballet bun, no make-up or jewellery.
We ideally ask that parents drop their child and wait in the car (Giselle will be in the waiting area with the children), but we understand that some children will want a parent to wait with them. If so, we ask just one parent per child, preferably wearing a mask. We may have to limit the number of parents waiting if there are too many. Most exams last 30 mins but please double check with Giselle on the day.
Dawn will be in the exam room with the children so if you have any issues on the day please speak to Giselle.

We Are Re-Opening…Again!

Following today’s announcement we will be reopening from Thursday 3rd December onwards. Classes will resume at the normal times for all pupils.
We ask those pupils that are taking Ballet exams on Sunday 6th and 13th December to attend as many extra classes as possible (there will be no extra charge for this!) – please see times below. Classes for pupils who are not taking exams will still be running as normal!!
Thursday (Burnham):
3.30pm – Primary / Standard 1
4.30pm – Standard 3
5.00pm – Standard 2 / Standard 4
5.45pm – Standard 6
Senior Certificate 1 will be slotted in as needed
Friday (Mundon):
3.40pm – Primary / Standard 1
4.10pm – Standard 2
5.00pm – Standard 3 / Standard 4
5.30pm – Standard 6
Senior Certificate 1 will be slotted in as needed
Saturday (Southminster):
9:00am – Primary / Standard 1
10.20am – Standard 2 / Standard 3
11.00am – Standard 6 / Senior Certificate 1
Please check that you have the regulation leotard (and skirt for those taking Primary), ballet tights and clean ballet shoes. If you need to order uniform, please contact Dawn directly ASAP!
Preparations for the show have carried on behind the scenes during lockdown! For the slightly older pupils who have been given a letter for the show rehearsal day – this will still be taking place as planned on Sunday 20th December. We are adjusting the times to ensure that we get the most from the day and will give out new letters at dancing! Another show rehearsal day in Jan/Feb will be confirmed soon.
We look forward to seeing you all again next week!
– Dawn

Important Update: Classes, Exams, Show Rehearsal Day

Important Update about classes, exams and the show rehearsal dance day!
There will be no classes during lockdown. We hope to reopen as normal from Thursday 3rd December onwards.
After speaking to the ISTD, Dawn has decided to go ahead with the Ballet Exams scheduled for Sunday 6th & 13th December, at the time given to you on your exam letter.
If the lockdown is extended, alternative exam dates will be found for the new year. If you no longer wish for your child to be entered for the exam in December, it is vital that you contact Dawn directly by Friday 13th November.
We are confident that the children know their syllabus work, and Dawn will be in the exam room with all children. Over the next week or so, we will be recording the exam dances and finding a way to send these to the children taking exams, allowing them to practise their dance at home.
With the hope of reopening on Thursday 3rd December, we encourage all those taking an exam to attend their normal class and/or an additional class at another venue at no extra cost. If you have any concerns, please contact Dawn directly!
Dance Day:
We hope that our Show Rehearsal Dance Day WILL go ahead as planned on Sunday 20th December. Please note this is for students who have recently received a letter to attend. However, we will be extending the hours and adjusting the times. We will keep you updated on this. We hope that we can dance together and celebrate Christmas in a fun but safe way – we all need it!!
We will also be scheduling another show rehearsal day for either January or February…updates to follow!
This update will be posted on our Facebook, Instagram and Web page…but please also spread the word as much as possible! Please also keep your eye open for future updates. We are working as hard and as quickly as possible under difficult circumstances.
Thank you,

We Are Re-Opening!

Following the recent government announcement that indoor gyms and fitness centres can begin to re-open, we are very pleased to announce that all of our classes at all of our venues are now open again. All classes are running at the normal times listed on the timetable.
Please note a few safety procedures that we need to follow:
-Please do not come dancing if you feel unwell
-As you enter the building please sanitise your hands
-All surfaces and equipment will be cleaned before classes start and during the afternoon
-Please arrive/leave in your dance uniform to minimise changing
-There will be no areas for parents to wait so we ask you to drop and go, or sit in your cars please
-We will be ensuring that we follow social distancing at all times during the classes and are keeping class numbers at a safe level
-We ask that children turn up to their lesson no more than 5/10 minutes early to keep the number of people in the hall to a minimum
-At the end of each lesson the children will be brought to the main entrance by one of the teachers for collection
Please contact Miss Dawn directly if you have any questions.

COVID-19 – Exams 2020

As expected, we have now had to cancel our May and June 2020 exams due to COVID-19 forcing the ISTD and our dancing school to temporarily close. We know that all of our pupils have worked extremely hard towards their exams and are disappointed for you all…however Dawn will do her absolute best to come up with a solution once we get more clarity on the situation.

Keep smiling everyone, we miss dancing together and look forward to welcoming you all back in brighter days to come!